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Green must be nature's favorite color because it sure uses a lot of it???
What’s in the seeds that transform air, water, soil, and sunshine into grass 10 inches tall in just 10 short days???  How does any seed multiply itself 10, 100, 1000, times or more???  While scientists can count the seeds in an apple—they are left wondering how many apples are in those seeds.  The “Living Energy” in “Live Foods”—the amazing quality that has yet to be quantified is the True Nutrition.  “Live Foods” are the difference that make all the difference when fueling our physical bodies.  “Live Foods” make possible the fulfillment of “Divine Health!!!"  WheatGrassJuice!!! is a most efficient way to nourish the body with that all important “GREEN” element of Nature!!!
Galaxies of Gracious Green Greetngs!!!
There's Health on this Horizon!!!
Animals LOVE WheatGrass!!!
"Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Seeds" morph into super-sweet WheatGrass!!! ready for juicing in just a few short days.  WheatGrass!!! has to be abundant with "Living Nutritional Engery" to be growing over an inch a day???

Please contact us right away to make sure that you always have plenty of the BestWheatGrass!!!
Day 1, Start
Dry Hard Red
Winter Wheat Seeds
Day 2
Day 5
Day 10